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Marine Transportation Matchmaking

Shipping Brokerage

Our chartering services cater to global nearshore and offshore destinations, customized to accommodate the dimensions and timelines of plant and project shipments. We provide cargo loading plans devised by our port captains, ensure quality through cargo handling briefings, oversee vessel cargo operations, and manage schedules with daily updates on progress.

Marine Transportation Agency

Shipping Agency

As a maritime agency, we are pivotal in safeguarding vessel integrity and ensuring seamless port entry and exit processes. We manage an array of transport-related duties, spanning from the submission of pre-arrival forms to all pertinent bodies—including quarantine, customs, port officials, marine safety, and transport departments, to flora and fauna inspection agencies—to coordinating with navigational authorities for notifications, pilotage, towing, and mooring services from the time of the ship's approach, throughout its berthing, and upon its departure. We also oversee the liaison and harmonization of vessel cargo activities with shipowners, maritime carriers, dockworkers, and goods proprietors. Our team expertly navigates the bureaucratic intricacies of permits, advisories, and other mandatory processes with governmental agencies and port authorities for vessel admittance and cargo handling. Our multilingual staff ensures swift communication with international ships. The confidence and steadfast patronage we receive from our clients in ship agency and maritime services are a testament to our dedication to safety, quality, and rigorous management of operations.

Container Import/Export

Utilizing our strong relationships with leading shipping firms, we provide attractive pricing and secure consistent space availability.

Comprehensive Land Transportation Services

Having grown our domestic presence in Japan through our maritime transport expertise, we now deliver comprehensive services that encompass cargo unloading and transit to regional storage facilities. As architects of all-encompassing logistics solutions, we are steadily upgrading our conveyance and distribution networks. We meticulously choose the most effective and secure modes of transport suited to various cargo types, bolster our partnerships with key players in port logistics, and are committed to offering transport and delivery solutions that cater to a fast-paced society.

Marine Transportation Consulting


Our company is committed to fulfilling all your logistical requirements, upholding a superior standard of service, and playing a part in creating a superior world that enhances life quality. Our goal is to sustain a strong and adaptable business infrastructure that can navigate any shifts in the environment and persistently evolve to surpass global market standards.

As a comprehensive maritime transportation company with the transportation business at our core, we are dedicated to meeting all your logistics needs, striving for high quality of service and contributing to the realization of a better world with an improved quality of life.
Our aim is to maintain a robust business foundation capable of adapting to any environmental changes and continue to implement changes to excel in the global market.
We want to be a company where each and every employee thrives, with their own hopes, dreams, and pride, and where they can fully express their creativity and take on new challenges as they wish.