Our Principles

As an all-encompassing maritime logistics provider with a focus on transportation, we commit ourselves to fulfilling your logistical requirements, aiming for exceptional service quality, and aspiring to enhance the world and elevate living standards.
Our goal is to sustain a solid business infrastructure that is resilient to fluctuations in the environment and to persistently pursue improvements to stand out in the international arena.
We aspire to create an environment where every employee can flourish, harbour personal aspirations, dreams, and pride, and have the freedom to unleash their creative potential and embrace new opportunities as desired.



Greetings from the President

In the wake of China's robust economic expansion, the outreach of Japanese businesses into China, and the foray of South Korean firms into the Japanese sector, the commercial gap among these nations has been narrowing. This shift has led to a consistent uptick in the need for maritime logistic services and for brokers who can link shipowners with those needing to ship goods. Amidst an exacting business landscape, those with goods to ship are constantly seeking ways to trim down logistics expenditures. Nevertheless, with an abundance of shipping operators available, selecting the one that aligns perfectly with individual requirements and preferences can prove to be quite challenging. Moreover, carriers from countries such as China, South Korea, and Vietnam tend to propose services at rates more economical than those offered by Japanese companies. In response to this burgeoning demand and to align it with optimal service providers, our company utilizes its widespread network and relationships to streamline the process of connecting cargo owners with shipping companies that most suitably address their logistical needs.

Our Global Network of Maritime Transport Enterprises

The creator of Meiko Logistics is an alumnus of Dalian Maritime University, an affiliate of Kobe University's Maritime Sciences faculty. Post-graduation, he has amassed extensive experience in the marine transport sector within China and Japan. Throughout his career, he has developed an expansive network that spans Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, and several European nations. His expertise includes liaising with shipowners, tailoring vessel selections to client specifications, and conducting comprehensive analyses on port logistics and cargo specifics upon request. Beyond our already detailed offerings, we aim to broaden our scope to include legal counsel and customs brokerage for maritime activities. Meiko Logistics was founded with a vision to leverage our chartering, agency support, legal guidance, and customs consultancy to foster growth, enhance safety, and improve the cost-efficiency of marine transport endeavors across Japan, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Striving to Lead in the Chartered Vessel Industry

Our team is fluent in Chinese, Japanese, and English, allowing us to engage in more nuanced and efficient communication and negotiation than our industry counterparts. Leveraging this linguistic advantage, our goal is to ascend to the forefront of the chartering sector. Moreover, serving as the principal representatives for more than 30 bulk carriers across Japan, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia enables us to offer our clients more favorable shipping costs.

Aiming for the future of business

In addition to negotiating with shipowners and arranging vessels to meet our Customers’ requests, we conduct comprehensive research on various factors,including port conditions and cargo status, as required.
Our meticulous service portfolio is expanding to include legal advisory and customs clearance services related to maritime transportation.
The establishment of Meiko Logistics was driven by the goal of utilizing our array of services which include chartering, agency services, legal advisory, and customs clearance consulting to contribute to the expansion, safety, and cost-effectiveness of maritime transportation operations in Japan, China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.


Our Strenghts

Trust From
Our Clients

We take great pride in our stellar reputation, earned by serving numerous leading companies, and remain dedicated to delivering premium services with a client-centric focus.

Overseeing and
Valuing Staff

We place great importance on the diversity of our workforce and support their pursuit of new endeavors. United by common goals and ambitions, we work together as a single entity.


We provide logistics solutions that are not only high-quality, safe, and prompt but also accurately executed at competitive rates.

Our Relationships and Networking Channels

Throughout the years, we've developed an extensive web of contacts across China, South Korea, and Southeast Asia.

Localized Operations for
Enhanced Efficiency

Our office in China enables us to boost operational efficiency with on-site management.